Our mission is to reduce prescription drug abuse in Esports by providing alternative products that are both safe and effective.

Enhanced Focus

Our Enhanced Focus supplement is a specially crafted blend of vitamins that is produced in a GMP and FDA licensed facility under vigorous regulations. This formula was developed to improve blood circulation to the brain, cognitive function, reaction time, alertness, and focus.

Enhanced Focus is stimulant free. This is perfect for players looking to achieve their next level of gameplay and students who need an extra boost with studying and school.

Energy Formula

Our Energy Formula is an expertly crafted supplement with clean energy in mind. Each bottle is produced in a GMP and FDA licensed facility under extremely professional regulations.

This formula is perfect for players looking to gain a competitive edge. We increase the users energy by supplying them with the right amount of caffeine and vitamins to ensure a non-jittery, clean energy boost.

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane is a newly-popular mushroom with powerful cognitive boosting abilities such as memory and focus. It is derived from a multitude of locations across North America and turned into herbal supplements. This strong shroom-based nootropic has many antioxidant and immune-boosting benefits.

How do the players like Valvidian?

"I honestly love the product. Energy supplements are very popular today, but most are either too weak or too strong. Valvidian gives me the perfect balance to enjoy long streams and tedious gameplay. Also, the fact it’s just a pill and I don’t have to do all that extra work with a shaker cup and clean it everyday is nice."

“I love Enhanced Focus because it helps me compete at the highest level of Call Of Duty. This product helps me focus in high pressure situations and it's a healthy alternative to Adderall. You could even take this product if you need help focusing on school work or any other actives, I would highly recommend this product to anyone”

"The Enhanced Focus is my absolute favorite supplement. Hands down. I love that it calms me, helps me focus but doesn’t keep me up or make me jittery. Clean focusing without the crash. The MCT Oil and Energy supplement keeps my brain running and overall just makes me feel GOOD. 10/10 highly recommend!"

"I love that Valvidian provides me with a safe and natural alternative compared to typical energy products. The focus effects I get is a lot more clean compared to other products that are commonly used on the market today."