Premium Focus Supplement

Our Enhanced Focus supplement is a specially crafted blend of vitamins that is produced in a GMP and FDA licensed facility under extremely professional regulations. Our extremely strategic formula is structured in a way that will improve blood flow to the braincognitive functionreaction timealertnessand focus. We do this by using no caffeine or other stimulants. This is perfect for players looking to reach their next level of gameplay, and students who need an extra boost with studying and school.  Effects often take action within as little as 5 minutes. 

Premium Energy Supplement

Our Energy Formula is an expertly crafted supplement with health in mind. Each bottle is produced in a GMP and FDA licensed facility under extremely professional regulations. Our Energy formula is perfect for players looking to get an extra boost to grind longer without the sugar, calories, or jitters. We do this by supplying just the right amount of caffeine, B12, and other vitamins to ensure you can keep grinding and stay healthy while doing so. 

Palm MCT Oil

Our Palm MCT oil supplement is a specially crafted blend of medium chain triglycerides that is produced in a GMP and FDA licensed facility under extremely professional regulations. MCT oil is formulated to convert into caloric energy much faster than carbohydrates. This way it provides a clean source of energy for your body and brain.  Each bottles includes 60 capsules, and a serving size of 2. 

MCT oil will provide exceptional mental focused when taken with our focus formula, and reduce the headaches from long gaming hours as long as you stay well hydrated. As well as promoting athletic ability, and weight loss. 

How Do The Pros Like Valvidian?

  • Jeremy "Neslo" Olsen

    I honestly love the product. Energy supplements are very popular today, but most are either too weak or too strong. Valvidian gives me the perfect balance to enjoy long streams and tedious gameplay. Also, the fact it’s just a pill and I don’t have to do all that extra work with a shaker cup and clean it everyday is nice.

  • Austin Strohl

    Triathlon Gold Medalist, High School and College Track Star

    "After competing against world class athletes, I noticed I wasn't performing at my true potential. I was sluggish, tired, I hardly had the energy and lacked the nutrients to keep up with my competition. When I discovered Valvidian and their multivitamin combined with caffeine, I was hooked in seconds. It was the perfect supplement that an athlete like me needed. After taking their product I feel more alert, focused, and have more energy than ever. 

  • Garrett Polityka

    3rd in the State of Pennsylvania for Greco Wrestling, PIAA AA State Champ for Shud Put

    "I attend classes at Robert Morris for cyber forensics, I enjoy hobbies & sports such as skiing, baseball, and football. Before college though, back In high school, I used to wrestle Greco and play football. I was always pretty good at what I did. I worked hard, ate right, always made the most health conscious decisions I could. One day a friend of mine recommended me Valvidian, I was always into all natural supplements and what not so I gave it a shot. I was never one for energy drinks of any sort and I was always so busy between work, school, and sports that I just didn't have time to go places to buy some unhealthy energy booster. Soon after discovering Valvidian, I place 3rd in states for Greco wrestling, and became shot put PIAA AA state champion. Valvidian pushed me past my limits and gave me that extra edge I always needed. When they say it unlocks your true potential, I wouldn't doubt it for a second.